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Farmer's Choice 15 weeksBi-weekly

Farmer's Choice 15 weeksBi-weekly


This Shares of Harvest box is a box full of seasonal produce and fruit harvested by our family no more than 3-4 days before delivery. The price includes a full 8-week delivery starting mid April 2024 , and ending mid July 2024. You can feed a family of 4 easily with the vegetables in this box for a week. If you cook every day and want to try new vegetables that you would otherwise not purchase on your own, this is the box for you.

You can expect lots of leafy greens, and roots during the spring along with veggies from the brassica family such as broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, and turnips. As the season progresses into summer you can expect your vegetables to change. in the summer you will see fewer leafy greens and more vegetables such as tomatoes, corn, cucumbers, squash, and eggplant amongst others. You can also expect your box of vegetables to be lighter in the spring than in the summer; however, you will not be sacrificing quality over quantity. We strive to provide you with the freshest vegetables available during the season. We do not only grow the produce, we also eat just as much as we grow.

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